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Programs and Events

Public Affairs Section Supports Ambassador's Trip to East With Books for Distribution

October 29, 2012

As part of the Public Affairs Section's efforts to support Ambassador Entwistle's trip to Kindu, Kalemie, Dungu and Kisangani during the week of October 15th, the IRC put together a collection of 50 presentation books and election materials for distribution. The materials were handed out at the Kisangani Mosque, a PEPFAR/Health Clinic at Camp Kitele, the District Commissioner in Kalemie, and the Provincial Ministry of Interior, as well as to key military personnel in each town.

The book distribution had a number of benefits. First, it assisted the Ambassador and his team to build contacts in each city. It also helped spread information about U.S. elections, a mission priority, in previously inaccessible parts of the DRC. Finally, it allowed for the introduction of educational and informational materials in resource poor regions of the Congo.