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General Information

By: Consular Section of the Embassy of the United States of America

The U.S. Embassy in Kinshasa offers routine public services to American citizens by appointment during the following hours: Mondays 08:00-10:00am and Fridays 09:00-11:00am, American citizens in the Congo should send an email to to request an appointment for passport services, including applying for new passports and adding extra pages.  The title of the email should read “Request for ACS Services”.  New passports can generally be obtained within 15 working days.  You may keep your existing passport until the new one arrives.   

Once your new passport arrives, you will be asked to submit your old passport for cancellation.  Any current visas in your old passport will not be cancelled and the cancelled passport will be returned to you with your new passport.

Note: All passport issuance for children under the age of 16 require the signatures of both parents.  Further information about passport applications can be found at

Application forms for passports can be accessed at links below. Some passport forms must be signed in front of a consular officer.  Please refer to instructions of each form.

DS-11: New Application

Use this form if: (1) you have never had U.S. passport, (2) you are under age 16, (3) your most recent passport was issued more than 15 years go, or (4) your most recent passport was lost or stolen.

DS-82: Renewal Application

Use this form if: (1) you can show your most recent passport, and (2) you were at least 16 years old when your most recent passport was issued, and (3) your most recent passport was issued in the last 15 years, and (4) you use the same name as on your most recent passport.

DS-4085: Application for Additional Visa Pages

Use this form to apply to add additional pages to your passport.  Additional pages may only be added twice to a U.S. passport.  Any other change to a passport must be made as part of a new passport application. 

DS-64: Statement Regarding Lost or Stolen Passport

This form should be submitted along with the DS-11 Application for Passport.


The cashier at the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Kinshasa can only accept your payment via cash in U.S. currency or credit card. Unlike Acceptance Facilities located in the United States, they cannot accept personal checks. You cannot send cash by mail. Click here for a full list of fees.